Tuesday 6 June 2017

TREEathon 2017 - #WED2017

HaSiRu Mithra team and Citizens celebrated #WorldEnvironmentDay by planting 25 sapling on the Somasundrapalya Lake road side, the activity was initiated by Lalitha, who had organised for the saplings, support sticks and co-ordinated the entire event. 

Kamesh brought in compost from Mahaveer seasons, Isha Lake front Apts helped with Water. Since 4th June was a Sunday, HaSiRu Mithra team decided to organize the event one day prior to the #WorldEnvironmentDay to encourage wider participation.

BBMP PKs had helped with digging the pits and participated with great enthusiasm.Both young and old participated in a 2 hour activity and contributed to the Greenery of the locality. 

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