Saturday 21 May 2016

Park Clean-up Drive #TREEathon 21st May 2016

HaSiRu Mithra team with help of BBMP cleaned-up the Park in SSPalya Lake, over 35 Trees will be Planted on 5th June as part of World Environment Day #TREEathon.

Both Ward 190 & Ward 174 need to increase Green cover, many trees have been cut due to construction, with increase in population density and reduction of Green cover has to be halted and more emphasis has to be given to plant Trees. 

HaSiRu Mithra working towards a Cleaner, Greened & Garbage Free Locality. 

Saturday 14 May 2016

TREEathon & KillBills - 11th 12th & 14th May 2016

Kaagaz Foundation an NGO that focus on Environment Campaigns & Education, promote Sustainable development via Events, Training, Tree plantation drives, Policy Advocacy brought in the CSR Partner CEB Global that was celebrating #CEBGivesBack week to move forward the #KillBills Campaign started by HaSiRu Mithra

11th May CEB Team kick started #TREEathon 2016 a program initiated by Kaagaz Foundation with HaSiRu Mithra as its local partner, B.PAC as its City partner and fully supported by BBMP. The team planted part of the 201 Trees and Hosapalya BBMP Nursery, and the rest will be planted at the SSPalya Lake Park. 

On 12th May CEB Team painted 17 Pillars on Hosur Road (Elevated Toll) adding to the 3 Pillar painting initiated by HaSiRu Mithra thus making it 20 pillars in the stretch. 

On 14th May HaSiRu Mithra and citizens continued #TREEathon 2016, did planting of some of the pending rows and did a maintenance drive at Hosapalya Nursery. 

HaSiRu Mithra working towards a Greener, Cleaner & Garbage Free locality.

TREEathon with CEB Global  - Click for more Pics

KillBills - Pillar Painting - Click here for more pics

TREEathon - HaSiRu Mithra Click here for more pics

Sunday 8 May 2016

#KillBills 7th & 8th May 2016

HaSiRu Mithra has been bringing in much needed focus on Garbage, Segregation, Black-spot, Plastic Ban, Lakes, Illegal Bills/Posters/Banners/Stickers, Tree Plantation for the last 5 months in HSR Layout-SSPalya. 

These issues are extremely interconnected and all have to be addressed to ensure we have a Cleaner, Greener and Garbage Free locality. The Team has been working relentlessly for the last 5 months ever since the group was formed on 03rd of Dec 2015. 

With over 17 Waste Segregation & Composting Workshops, 13 Black-spot fixing and Clean-up drives, 05 Talk sessions at Govt Colleges & Garment Factories, 19 Door-2-Door Campaigns for Waste Segregation & Plastic Ban, 02 Awareness drives at the Temples, , 09 #KillBills events (a drive against Posters/Bills/Flex/Banners etc) and Installation of 05 Information boards on Waste Segregation in different Parks HaSiRu Mithra has been leading the Campaign for a Cleaner, Greener and Garbage Free locality. 

BBMP, Administration, RWAs & Citizens have been very supportive, BUT BBMP has to do a lot more to ensure that the ground level momentum built by HaSiRu Mithra is not a wasted effort. 

Citizen participation and Activism is indeed the most difficult aspect in many Wards, but when Citizen groups like HaSiRu Mithra are coming out and lending their Time, Effort, Voice, Support the Administration should make use of it and implement the ideas and a develop a good working model at the earliest.  

7th May #KillBills - Click here for more pics

8th May #KillBills - Click here for more pics

Monday 2 May 2016

Weekend Action - 29th, 30th April & 1st May

29th April 6.30am meeting with the BBMP Nodal Officer regarding Garbage issues in Ward 174. 

30th April 3-6 pm Plastic Ban Awareness drive on Hosapalya Main Road. Traders were very receptive, they also were told that non-woven bags are banned. Meat shop has been using leaves for packing which is indeed a good sign. 

#KillBills on 1st May, the team started at 6.45am and completed the 27th Main and cleared all the boards till BDA Complex by 10.30am. Team will be sending a consolidated report to BBMP on the regular defaulters.