Tuesday 26 April 2016

#KillBills City wide event 24th April 2016

HaSiRu Mithra Team initiate and lead #KillBills Campaign in association with 10 BPAC-Civic Hub Teams, I Change Indiranagar Team & Bellandur Team across 13 locations in the city and was fully supported by BBMP Team lead by JC Mr Khan.

#KillBills is a Citizen Campaign against illegal Posters, Banners, Stickers, Bills, Boards, Flex etc which are making the City of Bengaluru ugly and creating ‘Visual Pollution’.

21 Citizens & HaSiRu Mithra and 4 BBMP PKs with all the Tools and a Tractor started the drive at 6.45 am at Agara Flyover on 27th Main and covered a distance of 2.1 Kms till Nandini Cool Join junction. 

Team scrapped out the Posters/Stickers/Bills belonging to PGs, Broadband, Cable etc companies from Trees & Electric Poles. The team also removed all the Boards, Flex & Banners put out by Commercial entities, Political parties and other Organizations. 

Pictures of all the illegal Posters/Stickers/Bills/Banners/Flex/Boards were taken by the team, which will then be sent to BBMP office to file FIRs and take action.

The Posters/Stickers/Bills/Banners/Flex/Boards mess should end, these are not only creating Visual Pollution’ but are also adding to the garbage mess. Material used for Flex are not recyclable hence it ends in landfills. BBMP is also losing revenues as none of these Posters/Stickers/Bills/Banners/Flex/Boards have paid the fee to BBMP and BBMP in-turn incurs cost to remove and dispose them. 

HaSiRu Mithra had created a Google map with details of each location, start point, lead and the contact number so that people could join the closest location in the City. 

Communication via Facebook, Twitter, Google Map, WhatsApp & SMS helped the Campaign to reach out to more people.  

#KillBills will be a regular event and more locations have expressed interest inspired by the success of the 24th April 2016 event.  

More Power to HaSiRu Mithra & #KillBills Team.

Saturday 16 April 2016

Workshops, Awareness Programs, Clean-up drives the entire Ramanavami Week

1. Awareness Program - Journey of Waste, Waste Segregation, Composting at a Corporate Office
2. Workshop on Waste Segregation and Composting at Agara Temple  
3. Clean-up drive HaSiRuStan

Friday 8 April 2016

Saturday 2 April 2016

#KillBills Campaign 2nd April 2016

Continuation on #KillBills Campaign removal of Posters, Stickers, Bills, Flex and beautification of the pillars.