Thursday 23 June 2016

TREEathon 23rd June - Govt PU College


HaSiRu Mithra #TREEathon supported by Kaagaz Foundation & Civic Hub (a BPAC initiative) continued. Based on the inputs by Sector 1 RWAHaSiRu Mithra members met up with Govt Pre-University college Principal and identified opportunity to plant over 30 saplings. 

College students who are also part of College NSS, lead by Principal Mr Venugopal and supported by the Teaching staff had kept over 30 pits ready for planting of the saplings. The students has meticulously dug the pits maintaining proper distance between each pit and in a neat row.  

With much enthusiasm the students planted all the 30 saplings consisting of  Honge, Tori Matti, Mahogany, Indian Badam. The saplings provided by Kaagaz Foundation are over 2-3 years there by the survival rate of the saplings is much higher. Students also took an oath to maintain the saplings, nurture them and take care of them till they are on their own. 

Re-enforce the commitment to environment, cleaner and greener surroundings among minds is very important, being environmental cognizant can lead to a more sustainable living. 

It was wonderful to see the level of involvement and participation by the students and one can hope that with constant focus on the environment and issues related to the environment the young minds will we more better equipped to address the issues more effectively. 

Tuesday 14 June 2016

Black-Spot Fixing - 12th June 2016

On 12th June 2016, Karthik lead the Clean-up drive, Black-spot fixing & Beautification of a filthy dump point in SSPalya. Supported by members of HaSiRu Mithra, Citizens in the locality and most importantly by BBMP. The team cleared the long stretch of garbage and beautified the area with wall paintings and messages of cleanliness.  

Many spots cleaned and beautified by HaSiRu Mithra team are still intact, hope this one will stay good as well. Citizens who care about the locality are taking many steps for the betterment of the locality and to keep the locality Clean and Green, hope this inspires more citizens and who in turn not throw garbage at random spots and create black-spots. 

Sunday 12 June 2016

Shredders Demo 4th June 2016

On 4th June HaSiRu Mithra organised a demo of Leaf Shredder, Branch Shredder, Wet Waste Shredder. The demo was attended by Sector 2 RWA Team, HaSiRu Mithra Team and other Citizens. 

The demo gave an insight to the possibilities of managing dry foliage in parks and road sweeps. Hope we will be able to set up a compost unit soon. 

Sunday 5 June 2016

#TREEathon - World Environment Day 5th June 2016

Citizens of HSR Layout & Somasundrapalya celebrated World Environment Day 2016 by actively participating in the TREEathon campaign of HaSiRu Mithra, a campaign that focuses on making the locality Greener and increasing the lung space.

The event was inaugurated by Brigadier Murthy, President of 2nd Sector RWA by planting a sapling in the centre of the park, like always 2nd Sector RWA team joined the citizens and energized World Environment Day celebration with their support for all good causes.

The event was lead by Lalitha who had got the pits dug almost a week ago to make use of the good rains and to ensure the soil had enough moisture. Citizens within no time pledged support and contributed towards the cost of manpower for digging pits, saplings & support sticks. Nagarjuna GR association generously gave 60 kgs of compost and Mr Vasudeva Reddy T provided a tractor load of garden quality soil.  

Residents of RR Residency, Isha Lake Front and few children who were attending RSS activity in the morning joined the HaSiRu Mithra team & the citizens who had come from across the locality. Within 2 hours 64 saplings were planted at the park in Somasundrapalya Lake premises the species of the trees included HongeAkash Mallige, Wild Badami, Mahogany, Tore Matti.

The citizens were seen taking out excess rain water from the pits, carrying soil, carefully handling saplings, cleaning up the park and putting compost, it was a complete team work and commitment to the cause they had take up was visible.

HaSiRu Mithra also donated 10 saplings to Meenakshi Classic association who were celebrating World Environment Day 2016 by planting trees close to their premises.

It should be noted that HaSiRu Mithra joined the year long TREEathon 2016 which is a city wide initiative supported by Kaagaz Foundation, BPAC and many other NGOs in the month of May. HaSiRu Mithra with the support and active participation of citizens and various NGOs will continue to work towards a Greener locality.