Sunday 23 April 2017

KEB Road Clean up Drive

HaSiRu Mithra initiated a clean-up drive on 22nd April, BBMP PKs took over 3 hours to clear a stretch of less than 200 meters, given the intensity of clean -up. Over two tractor load of waste was cleared and the pavement was made walk-able. Adding to the challenge was that many men were using the area as urinals, and only way to stop making the place unhygienic so that all public can use the place without facing any embarrassment due to few wrong doers was much needed. 

Hence HaSiRu Mithra team decided to beautify the place with message on Water and about keeping the place clean. Many kids in the near by apartments joined to paint the wall and make it stand out with loud and clear messages. 

Now only time will tell if this place will stay good like all the other places HaSiRu Mithra team managed to fix. 

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