Friday, 25 December 2015

Black Spot Removal on Christmas Day - 25th Dec

Citizens of HSR Layout showing way indeed! Objective was to clean-up a really Big & Bad Black Spot on 14th Main end, Sector 7, HSR Layout. 

Citizens used to bring their Garbage bags and just fling it at this spot as they went on bikes, even though the collection vehicle was reaching their area everyday. The spot was filled with all kinds of waste and the place looked and smelled like hell. 

Sanket shared few pics of the spot and HaSiRu Mithra Team decided to act upon, BBMP supported the event completely by sending the PKs, Truck to help us clear heaps of Garbage. 

HaSiRu Mithra along with the PKs got into action at 8 am and worked till 1 pm to change the place and make it usable. Residents around also joined hands and became part of the change. Every one got there hands dirty and and created a Christmas Gift for the Residents on 14th Main. 

HaSiRu Mithra Team of Sanket, Simran, Rekha, Shanti, Kavitha, Lalitha, Bhagrith, Navreen, Farah, Padma, Zahid, Tara, Shanti's Dad, Raghu, Kids who walked in and most importantly the PKs of BBMP. 

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